Ultimate In-Hive Feeder
$ 22.99 $ 24.95

Every last detail has been meticulously considered in this excellent feeder. Great for your bees and easy for you,  this is one of the best in-hive feeder designs on the market.


  • Bee Friendly-Drip Free-Fast Access
  • 1 gallon tank easily fits inside medium box; 8 or 10 frame
  • EZ lift/Grip Tank for easy handling
  • Drip-free valve maintains constant syrup level
  • Sits on inner cover or frames so bees have direct access to syrup
  • Large feeding area with landing pads and steps
  • Narrow, shallow channels for syrup to prevent drowning
  • Easy to remove for hive inspections. No mess
  • Perfect for dispensing stimulants, supplements, and medication
  • Ready to use – just fill with syrup or water and place in hive

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