Ultimate Hive Stand

The Ultimate Hive Stand is an intelligent, modular and elegant solution to the age-old requirement to raise your hive off the ground.

Helps avoid damp and reduces the risk of attacks from pests. Raises your hive to a more convenient working height and requires just a few minutes and a screwdriver to assemble.

This hive stand uses a modular design that integrates securely with the Ultimate Bottom Board (available separately).

  • Swing-out Frame Holders make working hives easier.
  • Raises hive 12″ off ground for easier access and better ventilation.
  • Works with any bottom board (Ultimate Bottom Board recommended).
  • Hive sits on heavy-duty rails for total support.
  • Available for 8-frame and 10-frame hives.
  • Built-in drains keep hive and hive components dry for longer life.
  • Large footpads spread load and ensure stability.
  • Security screws add extra strength and prevent hive from moving.
  • Fast and easy assembly. Less than 2 minutes with only a screwdriver.
  • Ballast ports allow legs to be filled with sand for additional stability.

Ultimate Hove Stand

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Works well, this is my second one.

Great Hive Stands

I have four of these stands. The are solid, easy to put together and with sand placed in the feet as ballast they really don’t budget once seated. I highly recommend them. They are pricey but worth the expenditure.

Stable and looks good

I like this stand. It looks great and is rock solid. Slightly pricey but the free shipping helps (for such a heavy object that's good). I only have two hives so it's not really a problem.