Resource Hive

A resource hive is a great tool for the beekeeper looking to overwinter nucs, raise queens or provide a boost to weaker colonies.

This complete resource hive includes:

  • A divided 10-frame box
  • Two 4-frame nucs
  • Two inner covers (one for each nuc)
  • A specialized bottom board.

The bottom board incorporates individual entrances, to ensure the two colonies are isolated.

For more information on the benefits of resource hives, see Resource Hives, Queen Castles and Nucs

Comes Fully assembled. Close off the resource hive with a standard 10 frame telescoping top (not included).

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love it hate it

The product is great!! I bought 2. the price is out of line. competition sells the same thing for 20$ less. shop around.

Thank you for your review. Eric. In the interest of a full explanation, your order was placed two months ago when this product was not on sale and, in fact, we were offering the lowest price available anywhere on this product, at that time. While appreciating you bringing this to our attention, we note that this product is now available from our distributor at a sale price and we have reduced our price accordingly. We now believe again that our price is currently the lowest available - and shopping around should lead you back to PerfectBee :) I would also like to mention that we have the lowest free shipping level available to the hobbyist beekeeper, at just $75. So this product will have no shipping charges, which is not the case in many cases elsewhere. Thank you again and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Resource purchase

Great product for such a hard to find product anticipate purchasing another

PerfectBee Resource Hive

The customer support service at PerfectBee is fantastic. First, I called them with a question and left a message. They responded and called me right back. I ordered the hive and the order was conformed, they notified when and how it shipped, and then that it was received. They followed up wanting to be sure it was received in good condition. The quality of the hive is just great. It is a lot better than I expected. I would encourage anyone interested to order from them.