Premium Langstroth Deep Hive (With Optional Windows)

Why A Langstroth?

Classic. Extensible. Incredibly productive. That's the Langstroth.

Built to a well-established set of dimensions, the Langstroth offers the potential to expand rapidly and easily by adding new boxes (due to the standard dimensions, boxes from multiple manufacturers can be used).

It is the most common type of beehive and is a solid, reliable choice for new and experienced beekeepers.

Why A Premium Langstroth?

Our Premium Langstroth hives a unique set of high-quality features:

  • A choice of three clear grain, FSCⓇ certified woods
  • Comb-cut joints
  • Precision-milled for exacting standards of workmanship
  • Manufactured in and from shipped the United States

Why Two Deep Boxes?

The two deep boxes provide all you need to start your bees off and is a very common configuration to establish a colony.

The lower box will act as the brood box, with your bees soon expanding and creating honey in the upper box. Additional boxes - deep, medium or shallow - can be easily added as your colony expands and needs more space.

    A Window To Your Bees

    Our most popular configuration includes boxes with integrated windows, offering you a wonderful way to quickly check your bees with minimal intrusion (note: not intended to replace a full hive inspection).

    These beautiful, aesthetically pleasing windows are CNC cut and are on each side of the boxes, with black walnut latches

    What's Included?

    • 2 FSCⓇ -certified deep boxes (hive bodies) with comb joints
    • Beautiful comb-cut roof with precision milled shingles
    • Inner cover
    • Screened bottom board with sliding insert
    • Stainless steel screws for assembly of deep boxes

    Box Dimensions

    • 8-frame: Boxes measure 14" wide by 19 7/8" long by 9 5/8" deep
    • 10-frame: boxes measure 16" wide by 19 7/8" long by 9 5/8" deep



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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      !! Update !! --Company needs quality control

      Within an hour of writing my review I received a call from Mark W at Perfect Bee to follow up with on the issues I pointed out. After speaking with Mark I would like to change my review from 5 stars to 6 stars. The call was helpful and genuine and an example of the types of companies I like to do business with who really want to make their products the best. Apparently Perfect Bee is not a good company, they are a great company. Thank you Mark for the call.

      Steve, thank you for both comments. It is always very unfortunate when situations like that you faced come to pass, but I am pleased they were resolved to your satisfaction and that you kindly provided your feedback. While I most certainly appreciate the kind words, the thanks are all mine to give, given your understanding of this situation. We are following up with the manufacture to ensure there is an awareness of this (thankfully rare) situation, to avoid this in the future. Thank you again and I wish you luck with your bees in their new home!
      Company needs quality control

      I purchased the Premium Langstroth Deep Hive (With Optional Windows)

      Overall the hive went together well with a few exceptions.
      1. The joints were misaligned and did not fit properly. I had to remove some material from the side pieces on both brood boxes with a chisel to get the joints to fit. This should be addressed at the factory with a test fit.
      2. The brood boxes were both missing hardware. Each box kit was missing the screws necessary to install one of the two windows. Contacted the bee built company who is sending a replacement.
      3. The brood boxes were both missing the cover knobs and screw sets for one of the two observation windows. I contacted the bee built company who is sending a replacement.
      4. The pre-drilled screw holes for the roof are not centered on the frame rails which can cause the wood to split or tear out. This did not happen to me but based on their location I am sure it happens to others. Company needs to build or adjust their jig.
      All in all the hive went together well with some phone calls for missing parts and some tweaks with the chisel. Not a bad hive, but not a great one either.

      Perfect In Every Way!

      The kit couldn’t have been easier to assemble and everything fit together like laser-cut puzzle pieces. I opted for the Western Red Cedar which looks beautiful with a coat of Tung Oil. I’ll definitely order from Perfect Bee in the future—excellent customer service and super fast shipping is a winning combination!

      Beautiful Hive

      Instructions were easy to follow and I had the hive put together in no time. I ordered the plexiglass observation windows being this is my first hive. The only CON I have is the small latches that hold the plexiglass wood panel in place. The spring loaded screw doesn't seem to penetrate enough and the latch just pops right off. I may end up having to run a slightly longer screw through the latch to prevent it from coming off. Other than that the hive is well fabricated.

      Beautiful hive

      I love this hive. I got the Western Red Cedar version and it looks so nice in my garden. I also love the benefits of cedar (especially being lighter - good for my back when a box is full of honey!). I did apply a coat of Tung Oil, which brought out a really deep color that looks special.