Split Roof Top Bar Hive

This unique and convenient design offers all the benefits of the traditional Top Bar hive, with a number of enhancements.

  • Two-piece "wedge" roof slides off easily, avoiding the tipping over of hives with heavy, flip-top roofs.
  • Roof allows access to either side of hive, so only a portion of the colony is disturbed during inspections
  • The optional purpose-built stand raises the hive to the optimal level, offering tremendous load-bearing balance and security 
  • Landing board gives your bees a perfect runway for leaving and returning to the hive

The Benefits of the Top Bar

The Top Bar Hive is an extremely convenient design for the beekeeper, without compromising the needs of your bees. The design offers a great way to get up close to your bees.

This specific hive design features a two-piece roof, allowing access to the hive either one side at a time or all at once.

The Top Bar is a popular choice for beekeepers tired of or unable to lift heavy honey boxes (which can weight 80+ lbs when filled with honey). 

The balance of easy access, ease-of-use and a beautiful design means this hive stands out from run-of-the-mill Top Bar hives 

Note: If the convenience of horizontal, waist-level beekeeping is intriguing to you but you seek a maximum honey yield, check out our Horizontal Langstroth.

Handcrafted Build Quality

This hive is cut and built in Oregon State by craftsmen focused on the best of quality. It is made with FSC-Certified, Sugar Pine or Western Red Cedar, with every component designed to make it a highly environmentally-friendly hive. 



  • Hive: 43"L x 12"W x 18"H


  • Top Bar Hive
    • Unique double wedge roof
    • Trapezoidal hive body with landing board
    • Top bars
    • Stainless steel screws for assembly
    • Assembly instructions
  • Hive Stand (optional)
    • Integrated stand
    • Stainless steel screws for hive stand assembly
    • Hive stand assembly instructions

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