PerfectBee Hive Component Bundle

The Modular and Cost-Effective Approach To A Langstroth Hive

The PerfectBee Hive Bundle includes three components from the Ultimate range of products. Also available are options for a complete hive and/or a hive stand, to form a complete-ready to install beehive!

Ultimate Components (Included)

The PerfectBee Hive Bundle includes the following great products (click for details):

These components work together, to bring a modular, modern and cost-effective approach to the traditional and proven Langstroth hive.


To provide full flexibility for your configuration, the following options are available:

Complete Hive Option

Select the Complete Hive option to add a 10 frame pine deep box, an inner cover and an entrance reducer - all you need for a functional hive.

    Please note that to allow full flexibility in your final configuration, frames are not included. These can be located here.

    Hive Stand Option

    The optional Ultimate Hive Stand integrates directly with the Ultimate Bottom Board for a complete, robust way to secure and showcase your hive.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Good stuff from good people

    I was quite pleased with the quality and design of the products I received and the customer service was great.

    Best buy ever.

    Loved it so much I bought another set for my new hive.. Everything about it is made to last.

    Great buy.

    Love it. Everything is made to last. Stand is very sturdy. Love how the bottom boards has locking points so the brood box stays in place and will not slide. The tops is not so heavy that it can be removed and put back on with one hand easily.

    Hive Bundle

    Perfect Bee hive Bundle is a great buy. Love the bottom boards and have them in place along with the new tops. The tops are light weight and easy to place and remove as needed. Perfect bee has great products. Thank you, again!