Ultimate IPM Bottom Board

A market-leading, proven bottom board, featuring an innovative design with many conveniences for the beekeeper.

Available for 10 frame Langstroth hives only.

  • Fits standard 10-frame hive stands
  • Modular design integrates with the available Ultimate Hive Stand through security holes
  • Designed to work well with the Ultimate Universal IPM Robbing Screen
  • Removable/Reversible Mouse Guard
  • Plugs for Reversible Mouse Guards/Entrance Reducers
  • Embedded Mesh
  • Inspection Board Support
  • Molded in Soft White color Never needs painting
  • Tough Technopolymer material; No BPA
  • Slide out Inspection Board
  • Self-Draining edge
  • Stainless Steel Mesh for Long Life
  • Hive Strap notch
  • Smooth Rounded Edges; NO Sharp Corners
  • Security Pins for Hive Bodies
  • Removable/Reversible Entrance Reducer
  • Angle Self-Draining Landing Board
  • Hive Strap Notch
  • Hive Supports
  • No-Slide Textured Landing Board

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Customer Reviews

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IPM Bottom board

Very happy with purchase. It’s made of plastic so it won’t retain odors, hold moisture, warp, deteriorate, and will be easy to clean. It comes with 4 mouse guards/entrance reducers. It fits perfectly under my hive. I’m a new beek so I’m researching as much as I can so I can get items that will help with beekeeping. I also purchased a Vivaldi board which is a 3 in one item. It’s an inner cover, fondant feeder and a ventilation screen.